Healthcare measures stressed to stay safe during Eid celebrations

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Dr. Javed Akram, Caretaker Health Minister of Punjab has advised the people to take precautionary measures during Hajj and Eid-ul-Azha to stay safe from Covid-19, as the epidemic still exists, not gone. Addressing a press conference he said that Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine (PSIM) aims to spread awareness among general public to be careful while visiting sacrificial animal markets and meeting people to exchange eid greetings. He advised the parents not to take children with them to animal markets. PSIM has more than 23 chapters across the world including Pakistan and running free clinics to provide health services to marginalized segment of the society, he added. He also said that PSIM is establishing media wings in different cities of Pakistan and a senior journalist, Zahid Chowdhry will head these wings. The General Secretary of PSIM, Prof. Dr. Somiya Iqtedar said at the occasion that new Covid-19 cases were being reported therefore, people should wear mask during Eid prayers and slaughtering the sacrificial animals. There was also risk of Congo Virus during Eid season, she warned. Rains were expected to start in a week time therefore safety measures should be adoped to avoid Dengue Fever. She said if people have symptoms like fever, body pain, losing the smelling sense, they should immediately approach to following hospitals for free Covid-19 tests. Maroof International and Shifa International, Islamabad — Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi — Dow University of Health Sciences, Ojha Campus, Karachi – Indus Hospital, Karachi –Sindh Infection Diseases Hospital, Karachi – Akram Medical Complex, Lahore – Central Park Teaching Hospital, Lahore –National Hospital & Medical Centre, Lahore and Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar. Dr. Faisal Mahmud from Aga Khan University opined at the occasion that Corona Virus was no more dangerous, as considered in past due to vaccination, but still we should take care. We suggest people to be careful of their health, make sure the use of mask at public places and stay at a distance from the people who have weak immunity system to avoid Corona Virus. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Khan from Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad hoped that people of Pakistan will follow the Corona SOPs while enjoying the Eid-ul-Azha celebrations as public gatherings may prove open invitation for Corona. Patients of Diabetes, Blood Pressure and other chronic diseases should take special care at Eid, he advised.